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2" wide 1/4" thick Massive Shackle set of 2

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As big as we can go, these massive shackles are ¼" thick, 2" wide and each shackle is one heavy SOB, sold as a set of 2 shackles. We use 1/4" chain for a real heavy duty look and feel. They come with our large clasp for full size locks or for an extra $20.00 we will make up a set with bolted plate latches that use a 3/8" hex headed bolt to keep them shut. You name your size, chain links, color and clasp choice. We will make them up custom just for you. 1/4" chain measures 1½“ per link and 9 links spaces the shackles to about 12" apart.

The hinge is 3/8" solid steel pin in a 1/2" steel sleeve welded directly to the shackle

For help with sizing and colors go to help pages.

We custom make each order by hand for you when we receive your order . Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for us to build , powder coat and ship your goodies . However, get you r orders in early to avoid the Xmas rush. Santa takes care of all the good boys and girls, Everyone else comes to us. "

Get your Dungeon Equipment, bondage gear, bondage equipment, and metal restraints from Dungeon Delights.

Makers of quality Steel Dungeon Irons at reasonable prices. Dungeon Delights for all your metal bondage restraints needs.

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My cell number is 480-215-2461, 8-5 M-F, Rick

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