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Oval Shackles and Belts

Measuring for Custom Ovals:  Best and easiest way: 


Step 1: Place a piece of paper flat on the table. Take a pen and draw a line straight down with the side of the pen just touching your wrist or ankle where you want the shackles. Draw a line on both sides and measure the distance between them. This will usually give you just a bit of room, but not enough to make them loose.

Step 2: Rotate your wrist or ankle 90 degrees and repeat step 1. You may need help with your ankles. These numbers will be rounded up to the nearest ¼”  to give you a bit of room to move. 


A bit too large is OK, but too small and they do not fit at all, so measure carefully.

Measure distance straight across, not around.

You will have two measurements: length and width.  It does not matter which is which.


The way the ovals are made is that the steel is bent for the smaller measurement, and then it is cut for the longer measurement. The hinge and the lock will be on the long measurement on the inside of your wrist and the back of your hand and on the inside and outside of your ankles.

As a double check, measure all the way around your ankle and or wrist. This is your circumference . 

Put all three measurements in the sizing box for when you order your Ovals. Put in any additional notes you choose, such as if your measurements are tight or loose so that I can custom fit your shackles.

Example:  My wrist width measures 2 inches and the length measures 2¾”. My circumference is 7½” and I have fairly small bones.

oval shapes.JPG

Bondage Belt

The Bondage Belt measurements are much like the custom oval shackles, I need width ( distance side to side) depth, (belly button to spine) and waist size.  I build the belt to the width and depth sizes and use the waist size to check to see it all makes sense.  Example: If I measure width at 14 inches and depth at 10 inches then the round end of the belt going around the side

will be a 10" circle.  10" x 3.14 = 31.4" circle. The width is 14" so it is 4" longer than the 10" circle so I have to add 4" to the front and back to get it to 14"  If I add 4" front and back to the 31.4" around the sides, I will get a waist size of 39.4" (31.4 +4+4)

If that is too much math, just send me the numbers and I'll play with it.

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