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Oval Belts

Bondage Belt

The Bondage Belt measurements are much like the custom oval shackles, I need width ( distance side to side) depth, (belly button to spine) and waist size.  I build the belt to the width and depth sizes and use the waist size to check to see it all makes sense.  Example: If I measure width at 14 inches and depth at 10 inches then the round end of the belt going around the side

will be a 10" circle.  10" x 3.14 = 31.4" circle. The width is 14" so it is 4" longer than the 10" circle so I have to add 4" to the front and back to get it to 14"  If I add 4" front and back to the 31.4" around the sides, I will get a waist size of 39.4" (31.4 +4+4)

If that is too much math, just send me the numbers and I'll play with it.

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