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Shackle Sizing, Round

Steel does not flex or adjust.

We want the shackle to fit: tight enough so it does not come off, but not too tight. 

We make our bondage shackle sizes measured as circumference, the distance around the wrist or ankle is 6.5", 7", 8",

9", 10", 11" and 12".  Neck sizes are From 11" to 19"


The easiest way to measure is with a cloth sewing measure tape or body measuring tape available at

Walmart or any drug store. 


For the wrist, use two measurements to make sure the shackle fits properly around your wrist and it cannot

slide off over your hand.

  1. Measure the distance around the smallest part of the wrist.  My wrist measures just under 8" and my mistress' wrist measures just under 7".  

  2. The next measurement determines if the shackle will slide off over the hand.  Looking at your palm, close your thumb into the palm of your hand touching the base of your little finger. Measure around the base knuckle of the thumb and around the palm. Mine measures 9 ¼" and my mistress' measures 8". 

Shackle sizes.jpeg

Ankle Sizing:

For ankles there is a lot more leeway. The first measurement is the smallest part of the ankle. My ankle measurement is

8" and my mistress' ankle also measures 8". We want the ankle shackles just a bit loose so they can spin freely

Go with an ankle shackle that is about 1" larger than this measurement.

The other measurement is around the front of the ankle and the heel. This is the largest measurement that the shackle

would need to go over to get it off. Mine is 12 ½" and my mistress is 12". The 11" shackle will not come off, no way.  I like

the 10" shackle best for me.

The heal is quite a bit larger than the ankle so you can go with a bit larger size with no worry that it will come off.

I you go snug, they may ride on the ankle bone which can be a bit uncomfortable.  Too big and the shackle will ride on

the top of your foot and can also be uncomfortable for long term wear. Vet's tape, the self sticking type of bandage, seems to work best to insulate potential sore spots.


Ankle size.JPG

Neck Sizing

Neck sizing is pretty straight forward. Use your shirt size, or measure around your neck and add an inch.

Neck Size.JPG
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