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All powder coating is done right here in our shop in Mesa, Arizona. 

Powder coat is a process where powdered polyurethane is sprayed on to metal in dry form with an electrostatic charge of 100,000 volts.  The charged powder is held to the grounded metal by static charge, then baked to literally melt the powder into all of the nooks and crannies of the metal creating a very durable finish.

We have:

Clear:  Satin clear powdercoat over the bare steel.  Shackles are buffed, but other parts are just cleaned with the weld rainbows and natural colors of the steel showing through.  The satin clear powdercoat is put over it for a harsh industrial look,

Black:   Fine eggshell textured black powdercoat gives a nice smooth satin finish with no gloss.

Gloss red: Bright fire engine red is a favorite.

Cosmos is a vibrant rainbow metallic

Merlin's Potions is a deep violet with sparkling metallic.

Silver vane:  This is a marble effect in silver and black.

Copper vane: This is a marble effect in deep copper and black.

Distressed rust. This is a process which distresses the surface of the steel to make it appear as though it is rusting, and then a clear powdercoat finish is put over it to seal the effect. You will not get rust on you. 
Every piece will look different.


Clear over bare steel

SilverVane (2).JPG

Silver Vane

fist open .jpg

Black, fine texture eggshell black


Cosmos Metalic Rainbow


Copper Vane


Red, bright gloss red

Merlins potion.JPG

Merlin's Potion Purple


Distressed rusty with clearcoat

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