Master Alex Boi Seat

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Since the dawn of time, Masters have been aggravated by subs who cannot sit when they should. The Master must stop what he is doing to chastise his sub. Master Alex has developed the BoiSeat to solve this age old problem.

The Master Alex BoiSeat securely anchors a sub in a classic kneeling position from which he cannot move, no matter how hard he tries until the master decides to release his sub. Made from a solid block of wood, hand crafted by Master Alex himself. Allow 2-3 weeks for this wonderful bondage item to be hand crafted.

The BoiSeat is 24" long, 71/2" wide and 7" tall. It weighs in at 11 pounds, Custom hand made with eyelets to secure sub.

Impaler sticks: Sold Separately $15.00 for 1" or 1 ½" and $25.00 for one of each

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