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In Medieval Europe, misbehaving apprentices and other miscreants were frequently punished by being locked in a fiddle for a day. The misbehaving apprentice was first securely locked in the fiddle then led around town on a chain attached to the fiddle by the Sherriff a drummer and town crier who would shout out his name and offence. The misbehaving apprentice was taken to the town market square where the fiddle was securely locked to a post for additional punishment. He was left there for the day for all to see and humiliate him. Sometimes the apprentice's ankles were locked to the fiddle making for a very uncomfortable sitting position totally immobilizing him. This no doubt motivated the misbehaving miscreant to be far more conscientious in his assigned tasks in the future. Master Alex has made a beautiful recreation of this motivational device. Bondage Equipment done right. Solid wood. Hand crafted to your specs to help masters with the motivation of their subs

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