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How To Order Making Your Order from Dungeon Delights, LLC If you have a PayPal account, American Express®, Discover®, Visa®, or Mastercard® credit card or a Visa® or MasterCard® debit card, you can place a secure order to directly through this web site. Just click on a category, browse the items you're interested in and add items to your online shopping cart. When you are finished, click the checkout button (top of screen) and follow the check out instructions. By placing an order online, you consent to have read these terms and agree abide by them. To Order by Phone If you don't wish to place your order over the internet, Dungeon Delights makes it easy to order by phone

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchange Return & Exchange Policy: We guarantee all of our products for one year. If a product fails for any reason, please return it to us for repair. If we cannot repair it, we will replace it. You pay the postage to return it to us, and we pay the postage to send it back to you. If a product is the wrong size, please return it for the correct size. We really want you to enjoy our toys, and you can't enjoy it if it does not fit. TO ENSURE THE SAFETY AND HEALTH OF OUR CUSTOMERS WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON ITEMS THAT CAN CONSTITUTE A HEALTH RISK OR ANY ITEM THAT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH ANY BODILY FLUID (SALIVA, SEMEN, URINE, BLOOD, ET AL). ONCE THESE ITEMS LEAVE

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions This web site is for ADULTS ONLY Please read the terms and conditions below before entering Dungeon This site contains uncensored sexually explicit material unsuitable for minors. You must be at least 18 to enter If you are under 18 years of age and you do enter, you may be violating local, state or federal law. Parents, use the Parental Control Bar to control what your kids see online. Access may be prohibited in certain states/countries. If your local laws forbid sexually explicit material, please leave. BY ENTERING OUR WEB SITE YOU DECLARE AND AFFIRM THAT THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS ARE TRUE I am 18 years of age or older and I am above the age of consent for

Customer Ratings and Comments

Customer Comments Just some of them: I appreciate the quality of service your company provides. there is nothing worse than customer no service. I feel that not only does your company offer goods at a reasonable cost, but the service to back up your product is wonderful. Most companies do not care about repeat business or referrals and that is the quickest way to lose customers. Rick was not only helpful, quick; but willing to look at the mechanics of the issue and not just this one scenario. That is ethics most do not carry in the working world. Thank you again for your valuable service and I will surely send people this way for business. I am a commercial dungeon owner myself, and always h

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Your Privacy is Guaranteed! We respect your privacy and guarantee the information you give us will never be sold, rented or given away. Our site's order form asks you to give us contact information, including your billing address, shipping address, credit card information, and email address. We use the information provided to process your orders. We do not make our list of registered customers available to other companies. Our promise to you is outlined in the following privacy statement: We do not give out your telephone number or screen names. And we give you the opportunity to correct your personal contact and billing information at any time. We use to proc

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping We accept PayPal, a wonderful payment process where you do not have to give out your credit card information to anyone. My personal favorite. You can shop at with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net , a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for our customers. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. See an online payments diagram to see how it works. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including: 128-bit Secure

Play Safe

You don't have to play nice, but definitely "PLAY SAFE" Our Products are designed to enhance the intimate pleasure of people who have found or want to experience the pleasure of using BDSM, bondage equipment as part of their erotic activities NONE of our products are intended to restrain or detain anyone against their will, doing so is WRONG and illegal informed consent is a vital part of developing a safe intimate relationship where both parties have a positive experience. It is imperative that there is a mechanism where either party can stop the activities when they are past their comfort limit and no longer wish to participate. When you choose to do bondage play, before you start establis

SDDI Sizing

SDDI sizing SDDI shackles are oval in shape. The long goes across the wrist ‘A’ and the short side goes across ‘B’ Measure your wrists SDDI come in standard sizes: Size dimension in inches X Small 1 1/2” by 2” Small 1 5/8” by 2 1/4” Medium 1 3/4” by 2 1/2” Large 1 7/8” by 2 3/4” XLarge 2” by 3” SDDI shackles are oval in shape. The long goes across the ankle front to heel and the short side goes across The ankle side to side SDDI come in standard sizes: Size dimension in inche

Oval Shackle Sizing

Oval Shackle Sizing Measuring for Custom Ovals: Best and easiest way I have found: Place a piece of paper flat on the table. Take a pen and draw a line straight down with the side of the pen just touching your wrist or ankle where you want your shackles to be. Draw a line on both sides and measure the distance between them. This will usually give you just a bit of room, but not enough to make them loose. Then rotate your wrist or ankle 90 degrees and do it again. You will probably need help with your ankles. I’ll round these numbers up to the nearest ¼” to give you a bit of room to move. A bit too large is OK, too small and they do not fit at all, so measure carefully. Measure distance

Bondage Belt Sizing

Bondage Belt Sizing The Bondage Belt measurements are much like the custom oval shackles, I need width ( distance side to side) Depth, (belly button to spine) and waist size. I build the belt to the width and depth sizes and use the waist size to check to see it all makes sense. Ex: If I measure width at 14 inches and depth at 10 inches then round end of the belt going around the side will be a 10" circle. 10x3.14 =31.4" circle. The width is 14" so it is 4" longer than the 10" circle so I have to add 4" to the front and back to get it to 14" If I add 4" front and back to the 31.4" around the sides, I will get a waist size of 39.4" (31.4 +4+4)

Shackle Sizing

Shackle Sizing Shackle Sizing We make our bondage shackle sizes measured as circumference, the distance around the wrist or ankle is 6.5",7" 8", 9" 10", 11" and 12" Neck sizes are From 11" to 19" Wrist Sizing: Measure Around Wrist For the wrist, Use two measurements to make sure the bondage shackle fits properly around your wrist and to make sure it does not slide off over your hand. Measure the distance around the smallest part of the wrist. The easiest way is with a cloth sewing measure tape available at any drug store. Mine measures 7" and my mistress measures 6" Measure around Palm The next measurement determines how easily the shackle will come off. Looking at your palm, close your t

Shipping and Returns

Shipping & Returns After you place your order for your wonderful new toys, we will custom make them. We do not usually keep items in stock as we make so many different variations so please allow 10 days for us to make your goodies. Most items are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority mail in Priority mailing boxes when possible and FedEx inside U.S.Transit time is usually 2-3 days inside the continental United States. Canadian ordes will go US postal priority mail for smaller items and UPS for larger items. best cost I can find. I do not ship FedEx out of the U.S. I've had problems with the way they handle customs charges. International shipments will go U.S postal priority ma

Color Options

We powder coat everything in our shop. Powder coat is a paint process where we take finely ground polyurethane and spray it onto the metal parts in dry form. An electrostatic charge of 100,000 volts holds the charges powder to the grounded part. It is then baked at about 400 degrees for 1/2 hour to literally melt the powder into all of the nooks and crannies of the part. Most common color for shackles is satin clear. We use a wire wheel to buff the shackles clean, then powder coat them clear to keep them from rusting, it is the most pure medieval finish. For cages and other items made from tubular steel, it is a harch industrial look, we leave the weld discoloration rainbows on the steel.

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