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Play Safe

You don't have to play nice, but definitely "PLAY SAFE"

Our Products are designed to enhance the intimate pleasure of people who have found or want to experience the pleasure of using BDSM, bondage equipment as part of their erotic activities NONE of our products are intended to restrain or detain anyone against their will, doing so is WRONG and illegal informed consent is a vital part of developing a safe intimate relationship where both parties have a positive experience. It is imperative that there is a mechanism where either party can stop the activities when they are past their comfort limit and no longer wish to participate.

When you choose to do bondage play, before you start establish a safe word which is code for "STOP NOW, I'M SERIOUS". Many people use Green, Yellow, and Red. Green means everything is just fine, Yellow means Don't stop but I'm close to my limit and Red means "STOP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW". Some say that they use their mother-in-law’s name for a “STOP NOW” safe word, as nothing kills the mood faster.

Discuss and agree upon these words and their meaning before any play begins and NEVER play with someone you do not know and completely trust. Best to have a third party looking out for you.

We make our products for novelty purposes ONLY. Use them carefully and consensually. While they are made for play, the design and function is very serious. We do not include locks, you decide the level of security best suited to your needs and desires. Play safe and you are bound to have fun

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