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Customer Ratings and Comments

Customer Comments Just some of them:

I appreciate the quality of service your company provides. there is nothing worse than customer no service. I feel that not only does your company offer goods at a reasonable cost, but the service to back up your product is wonderful. Most companies do not care about repeat business or referrals and that is the quickest way to lose customers. Rick was not only helpful, quick; but willing to look at the mechanics of the issue and not just this one scenario. That is ethics most do not carry in the working world. Thank you again for your valuable service and I will surely send people this way for business. I am a commercial dungeon owner myself, and always have people asking me about equipment. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any networking contacts or would like pictures of your products in my dungeon. I am happy to help.

Again, my appreciation, Colleen Whitham Owner-

we just received the collar in the mail today and Im wearing it now. The workmanship is a credit to you and both myself and my Master were pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service that you provided. I'm glad that you included business cards in the package as I would have asked for some otherwise. We are more then happy to spread the word, so to speak, about your business to those who are into the lifestyle here. thank you for a quality product Master Rick and slave courtney

Rick! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! You have one very satisfied customer. I'll look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Chris

Rick I just got home from 2 canceled flights WHAT a nightmare at one point I almost cried. abut waiting on my door step was your box (it was delivered today) Rick its not often that I am stunned but let me say that I was. Not only was that rather complicated 100% correct but the Extra bonus Plug made me do the happy dance. Rick you made a awful 2 days in hell all worth it! And I have not even mentioned the Quality. Rick your products and company are top of the line all the way. I know cheap dungeon crap and let me say this that THESE shackles will be hanging on my wall when not in use THAT'S HOW IMPRESSED I AM WITH DUNGEON DELIGHTS!

Rick I offer you the largest thanks a customer can give.... THANK YOU SIR I'LL BE BACK!

Please feel free to use ANY part of this email as a testimonial to your greatness. And although I would NEVER admit this to the owner... YOUR prices are VERY fair too. Pity I'm broke BUT rest assured I will be back once I have a bit saved up! Also you may want to know that I am also in the process of singing your praises far and wide. You deserve to rewarded for having a Great product, At a Great price, and Treating the customer with greatness! Please stay well and I hope you have a Wonderful New Year! Jack

Dear Master Rick I just wished to give you some feedback on the recent item i purchased - a lockable 1.5" steel ring. It is superb. For me it functions as a 100% secure scrotal shackle, which my Mistress enjoys locking me into during sessions. It is beautifully made, it looks stunning, and there is no way i can extricate my parts from it without Mistress' key It won't be long before i am required to order more stuff from you. Gratefully, Slave Andrew

Rick, holy crap!!! That's the best toy I have ever had the pleasure to experience! It's smooth and comfortable, I could wear this thing forever, well, ok, work might not be a good place in case I sneeze, that would be embarrassing to hear this loud plink on the floor! Anyway, had to tell you, if you ever need anyone to tell people about this, please let me know. It's the most amazing thing ever, I would have never thought that metal could conform so perfectly to an ass, but sheeshamomma it is the best fitting toy ever, way better than plastic or silicone! Anyway have a great day, and thank you so much, you should raise the prices on these boogers! Terri

Dear Rick, We wanted to thank you for the beautiful shackles and the speed with which you filled our order! Having dealt with multiple flaky artisans in the BDSM community, your professionalism is a welcome change. Regards, K and M

love that metal bra,,,,,,,Now I have to put in the gun safe to keep G--- ,from wearing all the time!

Hi Rick. Thanks for that. The stockade I got from you is excellent!! :-) Getting the larger wrist shackles so I can play with someone with bigger wrists than me! Cheers, J

Rick, You have no idea how long I have been looking for gear like this. Best,John

Howdy Rick, My new shackles arrived yesterday!! I tried them on my cowboy boots and they are fantastic. The other pair works for my Wesco harness boots, but quite large on the cowboy boots. Both pairs will get many years of pleasure out of them. Thank you again for your prompt service and a good quality product at a decent price. I will be purchasing more in the future, but need to get moved and then figure out what I want in my dungeon. Thank you again. The bootlicking cowboy

Thanks for the fast delivery. ALL items are "Most Excellent"! And Thank You for the extra parts. They are great! Actually all the items are great. When I get my next paycheck, look for another order from me. Your products are cool. I look forward to doing more business with you. M.

I got the order. So beautifully crafted!! I'll make sure to give your card to anyone wanting to buy some of your stuff. The items will be hanging on my dungeon's walls so people will ask for sure :) Erik :)

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