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Color Options

We powder coat everything in our shop. Powder coat is a paint process where we take finely ground polyurethane and spray it onto the metal parts in dry form. An electrostatic charge of 100,000 volts holds the charges powder to the grounded part. It is then baked at about 400 degrees for 1/2 hour to literally melt the powder into all of the nooks and crannies of the part.

Most common color for shackles is satin clear. We use a wire wheel to buff the shackles clean, then powder coat them clear to keep them from rusting, it is the most pure medieval finish. For cages and other items made from tubular steel, it is a harch industrial look, we leave the weld discoloration rainbows on the steel.

Satin Clear Powder coated cage harsh industrial look.

Satin Clear Shackle

The next most popular is black, kinda goes with black leather cuffs everyone is used to.

Black Shackle

Then we get into our bling colors: Solid red looks great on teh fuck bench.

Red on the bench

Our tranlucent colors are really cool. We also call them starlight. They show the steel under the powder so we take a flap disc grinder and put lines and swirls in the steel. After powder coat, the swirls show through for a unique effect. Takes more time to grind the surface of each piece so we charge a bit more for this option.

Blue, Purple and RedTranslucents ( starlight)

The other option is the vanes, Marbled with silver or copper great effect, very tough.


Silver Vane on Fuck Bench

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